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Come for Live Writing Sessions Brimming with Inspiration—Guided by Rachel

Dedicate Yourself to Writing Practice

Registration will open in January

With help from me, author & editor Rachel Thompson.

With help from me, author & editor Rachel Thompson.


Read on to learn more about the practice and learn what my students say about my teaching.


You, writer ...

  • Need to find time for a consistent practice. It seems whenever you get some momentum, something changes and you’re thrown off. 
  • Find life is filled with distractions that impede your time to write.
  • Have had a big life change and need some help to get back into the swing of things.
  • Need enough time to work on your writing, but struggle with finding the balance between writing what you need to write and spending time with those who also need your attention.
  • Have a day job that drains you of your creative energy, so you find it challenging to not only find the time to write, but the mental energy.

Or, maybe you've just been waiting for someone else to prioritize writing time for you ...
when the reality is that you're missing chances to achieve your literary dreams
because it’s fear keeping you from writing practice.



a writing practice you dedicate yourself to without hesitation—one that inspires you into an ongoing practice for the year. You'll commit to your writing with both short and long-term goals, and be clear what steps you need to take to achieve your writing goals in 2018.


You're so close to this ... and I know this, because ...


Many moons ago, my wonderful writing group came up with what we called forced writing practice.

It wasn’t some form of torture, quite the opposite. It was a liberating way for us to safely schedule writing time by meeting up and writing together. (Separate and supplemental to the time we spent critiquing each other’s work.)

It worked because we were committed to one another.

Each session brimmed with inspiration. There's nothing quite like basking in the energy of other writers dedicated to their work. Our times together were bookended by great conversations about literature and craft.

Inspired by this experience and knowing how many writers struggle with finding the time to write, I’m offering Lit Writing Practice early in the (North American) day for writers in the month of February 2018.


Hi, I'm Rachel, 

I'm a published literary author and I formed We Are Lit Writers, based on the idea that just because we write alone, doesn't mean our writing lives have to be lonely.

Offline, I have had the pleasure of being connected to a writing community that has supported me and my writing over decades. I wish this support for all writers. After spending years of mentoring writers and editors, I decided to take this mission to a bigger audience in the form of courses, and now this writing practice.

Here's what writers have said
about my teaching


Doretta Lau, author of How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

“Rachel Thompson is a teacher who speaks with warmth, empathy, good humour, and authority. She provides invaluable advice and support to writers, making even the most difficult challenges seem surmountable.”


Sarah Werner, The Write Now Podcast

"Rachel's a great teacher. I REALLY appreciate her down-to-earth style."


Nicole Breit, Award-Winning Essayist & CNF Instructor

”Rachel is 100% the real deal–a true literary artist and maven.”

Screenshot 2017-03-01 11.22.22.png

Marlena Chertock, Lit Mag Love Student

“Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow.”


How Lit Writing Practice Works

Lit Writing Practice will take place at 6 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesdays and 6 a.m. Eastern time on Thursdays for the month of February in 2018, via video conference.

Each session will last for 90 minutes and include pre-writing exercises to warm you up, a dedicated (and quiet) time where we write together—soaking up the energy we provide one another—followed by time to (optionally) share about your writing practice. I’ll send you off after each session with challenges for the week to sustain you until our next practice session.

I set this up twice weekly, anticipating students may only be able to attend one session—and pre-writing exercises will repeat. (If you can come twice, bonus writing time for you!)

You'll be notified when registration opens. (And you'll get a lovely discount when it does!)


Do I need to have any experience with writing to join?

No. All writers whether new or seasoned, are welcome!

What genre of writing is Lit Writing Practice for?

All genres. I have worked with writers of prose, poetry, and mixed-genres.

Can I attend both Tuesday and Thursday's sessions?

Yes! I set this up twice weekly, anticipating most writers will only be able to attend one session, and pre-writing exercises will repeat. If you can come twice, bonus writing time for you!

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for the Lit Writing Practice. If it turns out you can't make the session, get in touch and I'll likely be able to offer you a credit for a future practice.

Can I buy Lit Writing Practice as a gift?

Yes! Please get in touch with me at rachel@wearelitwriters.com and I can provide a gift card and details on how to register your gift recipient when it's time. (I'll also give you 15% off your second registration.)